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Created  for the Let's Create Game Jam (2017)


  • WASD / Arrows keys to move
  • Hover mouse over elements of the game to be shown info about them


  • Complete as many quests as you can without your character dying.
  • Collect loot to help you defeat enemies and destroy obstacles.
  • Complete quests within 30 seconds or the game ends.


  • Spider - Deals damage directly to health (ignores shields) but has low hp.
  • Demon - Deals normal damage, medium hp.
  • Orc - Deals normal damage, high hp.


  • Hearts - Primary health pool
  • Shields - Secondary health pool; can be ignored by spiders.
  • Swords - Allows for a pain free attack, consumed when hitting an enemy.
  • Bombs - Allows the player to destroy an obstacle.


  • Resource Tiles - Icon matches the respective resource and gives the player one of said resource if they are not at the capacity of that resource.
  • Enemy Tiles - Can be attacked following the mechanics mentioned in the 'Resources' and 'Enemies' sections.
  • Obstacle - Prevents movement to a tile unless the player owns one or more bombs. Obstacles can be identified by the paths on adjacent tiles.
  • Staff* - Casts a lighting spell, triggering a number of tiles on the board.
  • Mega Bomb* - Triggers adjacent tiles. This can be positioned to make the most of its effect.

* Staff and Mega Bomb tiles do not use resources when triggering extra tiles and are a risk free approach to clearing parts of the board.

Development Progress can be found at:

  • Tumblr - migiesmith.tumblr.com
  • Github - github.com/migiesmith

Art was created using Magica Voxel - https://ephtracy.github.io/
Audio generated using BFXR - http://www.bfxr.net/
Music generated using Abundant Music - https://pernyblom.github.io/abundant-music/index.html


Buy Now£1.00 GBP or more

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30sQuestTileAndroid.apk 34 MB


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can't wait to buy it

Looks great, Plays good, feels good, is challenging. Awesome! My top score is 11


Love the submission, the voxel art works so well here. Great work.